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Ansonia’s Carrier Monitoring Dashboard Helps Steer You Away from Trouble

See how leading transportation, equipment rental, manufacturers, distribution channels and factoring companies use Ansonia’s Carrier Monitoring Dashboard to save time, hassle & reduce risks. Carrier Monitoring Dashboard makes it easy to stay on top of authority status, insurance changes, credit risk and more!

Save Time
and Hassles
Reduce Risk
Stay on Top of Changes in
Authority Status, Insurance,
Credit Risk, and More!
Monitor Vendor
Access Payment
Link to FMCSA
and CSA Safety

Easily Monitor Transportation Companies You Work With and Rely On


Want to avoid having to deal with abandoned freight and unexpected write-offs?

The transportation industry has its challenges. And navigating this dynamic and competitive landscape requires having a little extra horsepower under your hood. You need to know that the sources you rely on are strong and steady and won't leave you by the side of the road.

Carrier Monitoring Dashboard is an indispensible tool that
can help you assess the health and capability of vendors.

Easily monitor online all MC#s in your A/R portfolio for changes to Authority Status, Insurance Changes and Risk Distribution type (high, medium, or low) for a flat monthly fee.

  • Filter and View Carriers
    by Risk Type

    Click on a risk category either in the circular graph or in the chart to view a pop-up window listing carriers in that risk category.
  • Status Change Reports
    Receive easy-to-read daily email reports showing MC status changes in red and new additions in black.
  • Daily, Downloadable Reports
    View (and download into Excel if desired) status change reports that are updated daily.
  • Ansonia Risk Scores and Days to Pay (DTP) Numbers
    Further anticipate changes ahead to avoid abandoned freight and write offs by including Ansonia Risk Scores and Days to Pay (DTP) for each MC being monitored. This additional layer of monitoring allows you and your clients to better identify risk and make informed decisions. Get alerted immediately when a score risk score falls below a preestablished minimum threshold in the future.
  • Three-Month Trend Reports
    Every month via email, receive a 3-month comparison report of both Risk Scores and Days to Pay. Daily updates of the 3-month trends can also be viewed online.
  • Additional Daily Reports
    Every month via email, receive a 3-month comparison report of both Risk Scores and Days to Pay. Daily updates of the 3-month trends can also be viewed online.

Allows Us to Be Proactive

The Carrier Monitoring Dashboard with Risk Scores and Days to Pay has been great for helping us keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening with our carrier base. Instead of being reactive to situations after the fact, we can avoid bad situations by monitoring trends routinely and being proactive.

Before we decide to bring a carrier on, we get a good look at their credit history, then going forward we use risk scores and DTP to monitor trends and identify high risk carriers. This allows us to take action right away if a score changes and falls outside our rules, rather than waiting for a problem to occur.

I’ve known Kathy and worked with Ansonia for over four years. It's been great seeing the Carrier Monitoring Dashboard continue to evolve into a strong tool for all procurement needs from carrier vetting and onboarding to monitoring.”

—Procurement Manager
Fortune 500 Logistics Solutions Company

Be one of the smart transportation executives who use Carrier Monitoring Dashboard to steer clear of trouble.


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