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To see a copy of your Credit Report–
and you HAVE been denied credit in the last 30 days:

Please have a company officer submit a request in writing to

Please include your company name, location(s) and MC # along with the company’s name that has denied you credit.

Ansonia’s DVD department will provide you with a copy of your credit report.

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To see a copy of your Credit Report–
and you have NOT been denied credit:

Click here:

to create a user account from which you will be able to use your credit card to purchase a copy of your company’s credit report for $10.

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Why doesn’t my company have an Ansonia Risk Score?

Usually companies don’t have a risk score because they have not developed a history of doing business with companies who are currently Ansonia data contributors. A data contributor is a company who extends trade credit to you (including factoring companies, carriers, 3PLs, railroads, fuel, tires, or other vendor/supplier) and who contributes its payment history to Ansonia Credit Data. After a few months of data contributions from multiple contributors, your company will begin to receive a score based on your payment performance.

If you believe inaccuracies exist on the
current copy of your company’s credit report:

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Reach out directly to the contributor to resolve any disputes. Unlike a consumer credit report, data contributors on business credit reports are not identified by name, but you can generally figure out who they are by a process of elimination from looking at past due balance dates and balances. If you can’t figure out who the contributor is, Ansonia will reach out to them on your behalf to get their permission to release their name to you.

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Submit a request to review the report to Ansonia. With the current copy of your company’s credit report:

  • Circle the item on the credit report
  • Add a brief explanation of why you consider the information to be incorrect
  • Supply Ansonia with the correct information when possible
  • Attach to the report a cover page with the request from a company officer including a brief summary asking us to investigate the items you feel to be inaccurate.
  • Send to

To ensure your inquiry is handled in the most timely fashion possible, Ansonia will take immediate action to start the process once the written request has been received by DVD. If DVD needs to reach out to a contributor to verify trade lines, DVD sends the request right away but Ansonia is contractually required to allow the contributor 15 days to research.