FactorCloud allows your team to manage nearly 80% more Net Funds Employed. Save time and increase efficiencies. Reduce costs, risk and errors. Make profit rain.  Read More

The next generation of factoring software. Beautifully designed, simple to use, user friendly and powerful for any size factoring firm.  Read More


The accounts receivable and invoice factoring software you've been looking for. Allowing factors to track and view their data in a powerfully smart, seamless, and secure way.  Read More

Factor/SQL™ is an integrated application that provides all the strategic tools you need to grow your commercial financing business. It is the world’s premier factoring solution for companies offering commercial financing through purchase of accounts receivables.  Read More


FactorSoft (formerly known as CADENCE) effectively supports the needs of factors who want to grow their market share and expand their horizons, but need more monitoring tools and controls for greater product flexibility.  Read More

Transportation Management Systems

The transportation management system that allows carriers, freight brokers/3PLs and shippers to manage every aspect of their operation with the same TMS technology used by the world's largest logistics and trucking companies.  Read More

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