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Ansonia named as the number-one source for making debtor credit underwriting decisions

The IFA’s latest Factoring Industry Survey Report named Ansonia, the leading credit reporting service for the transportation and factoring industry, as the number-one source for making debtor credit underwriting decisions. Ansonia is the youngest company to be evaluated in the IFA’s latest Factoring Industry Survey Report.

There is no higher honor than to be recognized by members of the IFA, the largest association for commercial finance companies in the world. We are especially proud to be acknowledged as the top choice because this is the community that formed Ansonia’s roots.”

—Kathleen Dasal
   Ansonia CEO

The report, now in its seventh year and compiled from responses from factors worldwide, is a comprehensive analysis of the industry. Numerous aspects of factors’ operations are evaluated, including:

  • Company profiles
  • Client details
  • Operating metrics
  • Business development practices
  • Bad debts and credit reviews
  • Human resources / employee benefits
  • Information technology

To assist in spotting trends and patterns, a group of respondents also examined the following subsets of the above categories:

  • All responding factors
  • Gross revenue
  • Average deal size
  • Net profit margin
  • Geographic region

The IFA’s 2019 survey was conducted by Industry Insights, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in operating surveys. The report is available for purchase by IFA members.

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