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Save Your Business From Costly Write-offs

These days, business competition is fierce. Companies need all the help they can get just to keep their head above water.

Take control of your company’s future

You focus all your efforts running credit reports on new customers. Meanwhile, your existing customers’ credit history could be deteriorating without you having a clue. Ansonia’s unique reporting and alert system monitors your customers 24/7 and sends you real time alerts of any unfavorable changes.

Early detection means less write-offs

It’s time for you to become a part of the elite team that relies on this amazing, new tool to expand your business and push the competition by the wayside. Using this new tool will give you complete confidence in making 100% informed decisions when it comes to handing out credit to your customers.

Sleep better at night

It will make running your business a whole lot easier and allow you to sleep better at night knowing you made the best credit decisions for your business.

be a step above.

Take some time now to discover for yourself how Ansonia Alerts are not just a step above the competition’s alerts, but operate at an entirely new level - something you’ve never seen before in today’s business environment.

Prevents Loss

I'm the new credit manager and have been using your system. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that your system is very useful for our line of work and has helped us to approve or deny credit for trucking companies. Also, the alerts you send when there is a change or complaint on a trucking company are very useful in that they help us to prevent loss before it happens. Thank you for your emails and weekly updates.”

—Marcela M. Pepi, Credit Manager
Interstate Capital Corp.

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Here's proof that Ansonia is the best custom alert system on the market today.

As I’m sure you’re well aware of, most of the credit monitoring and alert systems out there give you data that is anywhere from 60 to 90 days old. What would happen to your business if you gave a customer a large amount of credit, only to find out a little too late that they had a judgment or other bad financial news forced upon them just a couple of weeks ago? Think you’ll end up getting your money back?
Fat Chance! Ansonia to the Rescue!

What Makes Ansonia Alerts So Unique And Powerful?

What if you had an almost unlimited database of information immediately available on what financial shape your customer is in – right now? Don’t you think that will help you make better credit decisions for your business?

Be On the Cutting Edge

When you subscribe to our proprietary, flexible business credit monitoring and alert system, you’ll receive early, automated email warnings about active customers’ significant events that could impact their business. No longer will a customer be able to try and pull one over on you, hoping you haven’t heard their bad news yet. You’ll be on the cutting edge of knowing who your credit-worthy customers really are.

Have Peace of Mind

Ansonia Alerts will lessen your vulnerability and give you peace of mind. Whether our alerts prompt you to revise your collection strategy, reduce a debtor’s credit limits or simply place them on a watch list to gauge credit-worthiness, they just might help avert a payment disaster that could break your business.

Ongoing monitoring keeps you aware of
what is going on with your customers.

Here are Some of the Key Alerts:

Address as mail store

Ownership change

Bankruptcy filed

Phone disconnected

On cash terms

Returned check

Credit hold

Skipped — no forwarding

Fraud account

Nonpayment complaint

Judgment filed


Ansonia’s Alert System Has Easily Saved Customers Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars.

Ansonia Alert subscribers benefit from the entire Ansonia community participating in the alert system, anonymously. It’s effectively like having hundreds of businesses out there on the lookout for negative payment trends for your customers.

Knowledge is power. The sooner you’re alerted to a problem, the sooner you can react. Quit wasting time and money using the other alert systems out there. Ansonia Alerts are so simple and easy-to-use, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.


You'll wonder how you ever managed without them.


Watch the video below to see more about Ansonia Alert:

business credit reports

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Ansonia Alert is the only credit alert system that gives you all these superior benefits:

business credit reports

Ansonia's Alerts are Customizable

Customizable alerts lead to better credit decisions. You can configure your own preferences. You’re in complete control.

business credit reports

business credit reports

We Keep It Simple

You can easily change your alerts whenever you want.

business credit reports

One-Stop Shop

More than just a credit reporting company, Ansonia is my one-stop shop for anything related to the credit industry. Their reports are easy to read and provide a wealth of information. I know how well potential customers pay or if they’re struggling. Beyond reporting, Ansonia provides research, bond filings, and credit and fraud alerts. With Ansonia, there is a one-on-one relationship with their customers. When I call, I talk with a real person — not a recording. The Ansonia staff is interested in my concerns on the various companies I inquire about, and provides insightful advice when needed. With Ansonia, I feel I finally have gotten a handle on credit management. We are making smarter decisions, and with their bond-filing assistance, we are collecting our money where previously we could not. Ansonia truly is making a difference in credit reporting.”

—David Shadrock, Credit Manager
Mike’s Loading Service

Grab This Powerful Arsenal Of Business Data Tools That Only Ansonia Can Give You:

Additional Benefits, Only at Ansonia:

commercial credit reports

commercial credit reports

Ansonia Works With Everybody

Everyone has their own special, unique problems that they have to deal with in getting business credit data — and we at Ansonia have something to help all of you, no matter how big or small your business! Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you — not just anyone, but you, personally.

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commercial credit reports

commercial credit reports

Automation Is The Key

Our state-of-the-art platforms integrate seamlessly with your system, allowing you to upload just a few requests, or batch process thousands at a time. We push up-to-date data back to you, automatically. This saves you time — and saved time means saved money.

commercial credit report

commercial credit report

We Do Not Own or Partner with A Collection Agency

Some credit companies partner with collection agencies and may have conflicting business dealings. We are strictly in the business of providing credit data intelligence to businesses. It's the only thing we do and we do it well. You can ALWAYS depend on us to give you unbiased, accurate information that will benefit your credit decision-making.