business credit reports

Ansonia business credit reports provide accuracy and detail that translates into smarter sales and fewer write-offs.

And how do we do this? By combining our revolutionary technology with our business credit data expertise in a way that's never been done before.

Our custom metrics give you flexibility and efficiency that are unparalleled in the industry.

A great credit policy is not a revenue-limiting document. It’s a blueprint of how to maximize profits and manage acceptable risk.

Extending the right amount of credit is a balancing act. Ansonia can help you with that balancing act by giving you the right tools you need to make the best decisions.

Ansonia has been helping businesses grow, steadily and confidently, since 2006.

Deep Expertise in Making Business Credit Decisions

Ansonia was founded in 2006 by Anthony Kinninger, a successful businessman with forty-plus years as the owner of a nationwide asset-based funding company, Orange Commercial Credit. Mr Kinninger was tired of spending hard-earned money on outdated financial statements and reports about well-maintained buildings on Main Street and other irrelevant data supplied by conventional vendors. Ansonia was founded with one key question in mind: How do companies pay their bills?

He knew that he had the know-how to create a business credit report that had all the information he needed to make correct business credit decisions — easily and quickly.

He put together a savvy veteran team of commercial credit experts. These experts had been through the credit data trenches, and they knew what it took to make the right credit decisions.

And to go hand-and-hand with the business credit experts, he brought on technology gurus that developed the latest in data collection technology.

Those gurus took the commercial credit experts’ knowledge and experience and created business credit tools that talk your language — simply unmatched in the industry.

Since then, Ansonia has been helping businesses grow steadily and confidently. Today the company's global database has daily updates to 25 million account activities, over $700 billion in trade accounts receivable data and over 7 million businesses covered in over 140 industries. Let us prove to you how we have out-done the other credit reporting companies.

It’s Our
Business To
Help You

Here’s why Ansonia is the only business credit reporting company you need:

Ansonia Credit Data can empower your business with the important and timely information you need at prices you can afford.

We offer you a new way of managing risk, payment practices and cash flow, while at the same time automating your decision-making.

We combine robust credit intelligence, quality analytics and push technologies to produce a unique brand of concise, consistent and continuously updated reports that your business, no matter how large or small, can count on to help ensure superior performance.

You never have to worry about set-up fees or annual fees, and we have no long-term contracts.

Our reports will give you real-time access to a global database of just about any company, industry and market segment.

Ansonia also relies on the fastest and most flexible technology available for processing millions of company locations daily. We use a complement of advanced algorithms and manual updates to scrub and verify data not weekly, not once a day, but continuously - 24/7.

We update more account activities daily than the competition, and it becomes clear why our lists are regarded as unrivaled for accuracy and timeliness.

Because Ansonia also understands the need for flexibility, our business credit reports can be readily configured to the information and formatting requirements of any industry, any company and any department.

Grab This Powerful Arsenal Of Business Data Tools That Only Ansonia Can Give You: