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Ansonia business credit reports provide accuracy and detail that translates into smarter sales and fewer write-offs.

And how do we do this? By combining our revolutionary technology with our business credit data expertise in a way that's never been done before.

Our custom metrics give you flexibility and efficiency that are unparalleled in the industry.

A great credit policy is not a revenue-limiting document. It’s a blueprint of how to maximize profits and manage acceptable risk.

Extending the right amount of credit is a balancing act. Ansonia can help you with that balancing act by giving you the right tools you need to make the best decisions.

Ansonia has been helping businesses grow, steadily and confidently, since 2006.

Deep Expertise in Making Business Credit Decisions

Ansonia was founded in 2006 by Anthony Kinninger, a successful businessman with forty-plus years as the owner of a nationwide asset-based funding company, Orange Commercial Credit. Mr Kinninger was tired of spending hard-earned money on outdated financial statements and reports about well-maintained buildings on Main Street and other irrelevant data supplied by conventional vendors. Ansonia was founded with one key question in mind: How do companies pay their bills?

He knew that he had the know-how to create a business credit report that had all the information he needed to make correct business credit decisions — easily and quickly.

He put together a savvy veteran team of commercial credit experts. These experts had been through the credit data trenches, and they knew what it took to make the right credit decisions.

And to go hand-and-hand with the business credit experts, he brought on technology gurus that developed the latest in data collection technology.

Those gurus took the commercial credit experts’ knowledge and experience and created business credit tools that talk your language — simply unmatched in the industry.

Since then, Ansonia has been helping businesses grow steadily and confidently. Today the company's global database has daily updates to 25 million account activities, over $700 billion in trade accounts receivable data and over 7 million businesses covered in over 140 industries. Let us prove to you how we have out-done the other credit reporting companies.

Meet Our Key Team Members

business credit reports

Anthony Kinninger
Founder and President

I was frustrated with spending hard earned money on business credit reports that were full of numbers yet didn’t tell you much. I knew there was a better way. As a businessman, with forty-plus years as the owner of a nationwide asset-based funding company, Orange Commercial Credit, I founded Ansonia in 2006, with Kathleen Dasal, Ansonia’s CEO, to remedy this serious situation.

Kathleen & I knew what we wanted to see in a business credit report, and we were sure there were other business owners out there, like you, who felt the same way. We had the know-how to create one that would have all the information we all needed to make accurate, critical business credit decisions — affordably, quickly and easily.

We started by putting together a savvy veteran team of commercial credit experts. These experts had been through the credit data trenches, and they knew what it took to make the right credit decisions.

We also knew that it would take technical wizards to collect and collate the most important data you and I would need to make the best credit decisions possible. To go hand-and-hand with the business credit experts, we brought on technology gurus who developed the latest in data collection technology. Those gurus took the commercial credit experts’ knowledge and experience and created state-of-the-art business credit tools that talk our language — simply unmatched in the industry – even today.

By using our accurate and timely Ansonia Business Credit Data, you now have the tools in your hands to make crucial credit decisions faster and more accurately than ever. You’ll rest easy in knowing that you made the best credit decision possible, and you’ll actually have more time to generate more business.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us or drop myself or any of our team members a note.

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business credit data reports

Kathleen Dasal

There was so much extraneous fluff in those reports, it was one big time drain. On top of it all, these reports are expensive and you can’t get them unless you lock yourself into a prepaid contract.

Tony, the founder of Ansonia, and I started Ansonia knowing we could provide a much better product for all credit professionals. Our company has been helping business, like yours, by offering a variety of creative business credit data tools that you won’t find with the others.

One of those tools is “Vigilante." Vigilante will take your data and compare it to your industry or other industries that do business with your customers. As a result, our Vigilante customers are now discovering all types of risks in their portfolio that they did not see before.

I’m looking forward to helping you make important credit decisions affordably, quickly, and easily. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or my team with any questions you may have.

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business credit data reports

Jeff Jones
Vice President

I have many years of experience in the credit and collections world, starting as a collector for a major carrier in the transportation vertical over 25 years ago. Several subsequent roles, including a senior management position, allowed me to see all perspectives of the operations side of the business as it relates to sales, credit, and collections. After 18 years, I moved into the technology side, helping customers who were in my former shoes.

Being a partner in a company’s future gives me a feeling of great humility as well as excitement. In my years in this segment of the business, I have been blessed to see many successes.

A good example is when I was helping a major transportation company in the process of shifting all of their collections work from one office to another. Their challenge was to do this with the least cost impact and disruption, as well as focusing on best practices to help people better manage their major accounts. The challenge wasn’t so much the ability to pay, but the sheer volume of transactions.

We worked to understand their processes, their customer base, and industry best practices, and set them up with one of our processing products that delivered a ROI of less than 4 months. We successfully addressed their original concerns, and also transitioned their other offices to the same product, resulting in multiple efficiencies and a better experience for their customers. Early recognition of potential disputes helped improve their cash flow, further showing their team the value that they brought to the company.

I look forward to helping you and your teams find greater opportunities for your success.

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business credit report

Andrea Rogers
Vice President Strategy and Business Development

My background is working one-on-one with businesses to generate working capital and to help them effectively manage their accounts receivable. Your receivables are the lifeblood of your company and managing them well with the right business credit tools is critical to your success. I am excited to bring you my knowledge and experience to help you make better credit decisions.

I have found by listening to the needs of our customers, like yourself, that we never stop developing new technologies to make credit decisions even more affordable, faster, and easier.

Our latest creation, for example, is an online credit application.

Your customers are directed to a link where they are able to complete your credit application electronically at a time that’s convenient for them. What’s even more amazing is that they cannot submit the application until they complete all the information and supply all the documentation you require.

You’ll no longer have to keep tracking down the customer to get the information you need. And once a new business applicant completes the online application, it receives a Score based on your designated criteria. The applicant is approved, declined, or sent to you for pending approval - automatically. You can also easily access an Ansonia Credit Report directly through the credit application.

Thank you for visiting our website. I look forward to working together with you to solve your credit decision challenges. No problem is too big or small.

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business credit reports

Ron Morris
Director of Sales

By working in various finance verticals throughout the U.S, I have learned that timely, accurate data is critical at measuring risk.

Over the years, I have witnessed first hand the complexities of interpreting data on credit reports and wondered why it could not be more simplified and relevant. I am very excited to share with you a functional, intuitive platform to satisfy your credit decision needs. I see our products not only as tools to make informed credit decisions, but also as a comprehensive service where we bring risk intelligence for your business to grow and succeed in volatile business environments.

I am eager to learn more about your business and provide innovative ways our services can help your company make quick, reliable credit decisions. As part of Ansonia’s sales team, I look forward to working with you! Feel free to contact me anytime!

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business credit reports

Kathy Nicastro-Anderson
National Accounts Manager

Here is just one example:

I helped develop a credit decisioning product for one of the largest LTL carriers in the country, and designed easy-to-use portals for quick access to credit data for all of their applicants and customers. This company now saves lots of time and money in their business credit decision making.

And I’d like to share with you a testimonial I received from one of my customers:

“I have had the pleasure of interacting with Kathy at several events sponsored by the NACM. This is a complex business and the attendees are busy, focused professionals and Kathy has the ability to speak to them in their own language. She is personable and very open while maintaining a high level of expertise regarding the work her company does. She is very bright and well versed in the issues of credit and has a reputation for being very customer focused - after the sale as well during the process of meeting new clients.” - Chris Kuehl, Economist

I'm looking forward to working with you directly to not only help streamline your credit decision-making, but to help you increase your profits and grow your business.

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business credit reports

Lina Chindamo
Regional Sales Manager

and recommending solutions to improve them, saving time and resources. What I enjoy the most is helping credit teams become trusted advisors and partners within their organization.

One of my favorite projects was when I helped a credit team in a manufacturing company which was challenged with multiple credit applications daily and not enough man power to process or analyze them and make a decision. Sales was frustrated, and the company was losing business. I introduced the team to an online credit application which integrated with our commercial data, automated the decision based on their comfort level and set up the account in their ERP. This fully automated their customer onboarding process saving them time and resources. Their relationship with their sales team improved, they were able to redeploy their resources, and they became more competitive at winning business in their market.

I welcome hearing about any challenge you are facing. Reach out for a no obligation consultation anytime. I can help you and your team win!

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Here’s why Ansonia is the only business credit reporting company you need:

Ansonia Credit Data can empower your business with the important and timely information you need at prices you can afford.

We offer you a new way of managing risk, payment practices and cash flow, while at the same time automating your decision-making.

We combine robust credit intelligence, quality analytics and push technologies to produce a unique brand of concise, consistent and continuously updated reports that your business, no matter how large or small, can count on to help ensure superior performance.

You never have to worry about set-up fees or annual fees, and we have no long-term contracts.

Our reports will give you real-time access to a global database of just about any company, industry and market segment.

Ansonia also relies on the fastest and most flexible technology available for processing millions of company locations daily. We use a complement of advanced algorithms and manual updates to scrub and verify data not weekly, not once a day, but continuously - 24/7.

We update more account activities daily than the competition, and it becomes clear why our lists are regarded as unrivaled for accuracy and timeliness.

Because Ansonia also understands the need for flexibility, our business credit reports can be readily configured to the information and formatting requirements of any industry, any company and any department.

Grab This Powerful Arsenal Of Business Credit Reporting Tools That Only Ansonia Can Give You: